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Negotiator’s Guide

Utilising a Real Estate Negotiator

With so much readily available information online most people have every reason to wonder if they can buy or sell a home through the internet or through regular marketing and advertising mediums without representation, i.e. without using a real estate…

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Type of Property Agencies in Malaysia

As there are different types of property and property needs, there are different types of property agencies in Malaysia. Knowing who they are will help you decide whom best to contract. These are; 1. Exclusive Agency: When an estate agent…

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Tips for selecting negotiators

Your negotiator should make you feel comfortable and confident, and not anxious or easily pressured. Pick an negotiator that specifically specialised in that particular area you want to live in. As your negotiator, he or she should inform you on…

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Should I Hire A Property Negotiator?

If you’re going to purchase a resale home, it is advisable to acquire the services of a real estate negotiator. Unless you’ve done this a few times and are very familiar with the legalities, a real estate negotiator would be…

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